Boots “The Kitten Nanny” Dies Peacefully at Arizona Home

Boots “The Kitten Nanny” died peacefully at his Arizona home Wednesday afternoon in the arms of his family and veterinarian.  The nationally-known dog and Hurricane Katrina survivor was in declining health as he approached his birthday.  Boots would have turned 16 in November.

The Golden Retriever and chow mix gained headlines when he began volunteering and helping care for kittens at an Arizona animal shelter and at his owner’s home as she fostered rescue kittens.

Boots’ compassion for the kittens was astonishing given what he had been through in his own life.

Boots was rescued from Hurricane Katrina flood waters in 2005. He was found standing in 10-inches of contaminated water in New Orleans and was in bad shape. He was rescued by an Arizona shelter worker, taken to Phoenix and nursed back to health.   Shelter volunteer Susan J. Pogue Juergensen fell in love with Boots while caring for him and decided to adopt him.  Boots paid that kindness forward by helping the kittens he worked with prepare for homes with dogs.

“Our hearts are breaking over the loss of our sweet boy,” said Juergensen.  “I hope Boots’ fans around the world will remember him by donating to their local animal shelters and by showing compassion and kindness to others. Boots reminded us that there is good in the world.  Let’s honor him by spreading goodwill.”

Boots’ story is the focus of a book for school-age children written by Juergensen. “Boots: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny” is available on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website.


  1. Diana on October 5, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    May Boots Rest In Peace. He’s now in Gods’ hands and the Angels.????????????✝️✝️✝️Diana

    • Janet LaFontise on October 6, 2018 at 1:03 am

      He’s in a great place!!!! My kitties I know met him at the rainbow bridge!!!! He will be with my babies that I lost.. He’ll still be a kitty nannie…. I’m so sorry for your loss…!!! It’s heartbreaking to know!!!!!! ???????