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Boots “The Kitten Nanny” Dies Peacefully at Arizona Home

Boots “The Kitten Nanny” died peacefully at his Arizona home Wednesday afternoon in the arms of his family and veterinarian.  The nationally-known dog and Hurricane Katrina survivor was in declining health as he approached his birthday.  Boots would have turned 16 in November. The Golden Retriever and chow mix gained headlines when he began volunteering and helping…

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Kitten Nanny Reaches Milestone

Boots “The Kitten Nanny” has reached a milestone by taking care of his 350th rescue kitten at home.  The 14-year-old Golden Retriever and chow mix and his owner foster rescue kittens to help them become more adoptable by socializing them and exposing them to new experiences.  Boots has also been volunteering at an Arizona shelter…

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