Speed Sitting Event Planned!

Speed sitting is the answer! Do you have holiday parties on the calendar in the coming weeks?  Still looking for a sitter for New Year’s Eve? Mark your calendar for this Thursday at 6 p.m.!  LullabySitters.com hosts its final speed sitting event of 2016 this week.

What is speed sitting?

It’s your convenient way to find a sitter in one hour!  The concept is similar to speed dating.  But instead of trying to find a life-partner, parents are looking for qualified child care providers.   Parents connect with up to eight sitters in one hour.  It’s the perfect way for parents to meet a variety of sitters in person and determine which ones are best for their family.

During a speed sitting event, parents make their way around the room conducting short five-minute introductions and interviews with each sitter.  At the end of the hour, parents and sitters with mutual interest may stay and conduct longer interviews.

Visit LullabySitters.com and sign up for more details! Enter the code: LINKEDIN to save $10 off your first month.  You must RSVP for this week’s event.

LullabySitters.com is a home-grown Hoosier company created by mom Marie Maher to solve her own problem of finding qualified sitters.  In addition to speed sitting events, LullabySitters.com also connects parents with child care providers through its website, LullabySitters.com.