Protect Our Care Indiana Established to Fight for Hoosier Healthcare

Protect Our Care Indiana’s First Action Item: Marking May 4 as Anniversary of House GOP Effort to Dismantle ACA

Bill Would Have Slashed Hoosiers’ Coverage, Imposed Age Tax, Allowed Pre-Existing Condition Discrimination

One year ago today, 217 Congressional Republicans (Including Representatives Jackie Walorski, Jim Banks, Todd Rokita, Susan Brooks, Luke Messer, Larry Bucshon and Trey Hollingsworth) voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Their legislation would have ripped health care coverage away from millions of people, raised costs for middle class-families, imposed an age tax, and gutted protections for those with pre-existing conditions – all while giving big insurance and pharmaceutical companies hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks.

In Indiana:

  • 310,700 Hoosiers would have lost their health care, including 191,600 with Medicaid and 4,700 veterans;
  • Insurance companies could charge 2.8 million with pre-existing conditions as much as six figures more;
  • Older Hoosiers over age 50 could have faced an age tax that allowed insurance companies to charge them five times more than younger people; and
  • 30,610 Hoosiers would have lost their jobs by 2022 due to the negative economic impact of the AHCA.

In the year since the vote, Hoosiers have stood up loudly and resoundingly to reject this inexcusable bill, flooding Congress with calls, showing up to protests and rallies, and ultimately defeating repeal in the Senate.

Since then, poll after poll has shown that health care is the top issue on Americans’ minds.

Attacks on health care continue to loom.  That’s why Protect Our Care is forming Protect Our Care Indiana to focus on helping Hoosiers maintain their health care coverage.

Protect Our Care Indiana is focused on protecting health care for Hoosiers, preserving and improving the Affordable Care Act and organizing the opposition to the Republican health care agenda.  The goal is to ensure access to affordable, quality health care is protected for all Hoosiers.