PR Pro Reed Publishes First Novel

Cheryl Reed dives into fiction with a vengeance

Cheryl Reed has spent the past 30 years making a name for herself.  First as a journalist covering crime, government and politics.  Then as a public relations pro for clients ranging from Angie’s List to former Governor Frank O’Bannon to financial guru, Pete the Planner.

Today she emerges as a novelist and announces the publication of “Retribution.” It’s the first in a three-part saga of regret, revenge and redemption in the Heartland.

“I’ve had these characters in my head for so long that when they saw an opportunity to escape, they practically forced me into it,” says Reed.

She produced the novel less than three months after leaving her high-profile position at Angie’s List.

Reed’s Debut Novel

“Retribution” occurs in southwestern Indiana.  Danny Johnson discovers his neighbor, Tammy Marks, is being sexually abused.  The abuse is at the hands of the most unlikely of people: her grandfather, a Pentecostal preacher. The teens forge a bond that helps them accomplish a perfect murder. A decade later, they reunite in what appears to be a friendly, one-stoplight town. But one thin layer down, the rural community is a hotbed of intrigue and unforgivable acts. Tammy suggests an unlikely side business.  It provides the perfect way to continue their acts of well-intentioned vigilante justice.

She’s a preacher’s daughter desperate to exorcise unspeakable childhood memories.  He’s a retired Special Forces assassin whose credo tends to lean in the “an eye for an eye” scriptural direction rather than “turn the other cheek.”

The Reviews

Readers delight in the snappy dialogue and crisp descriptions of the fictional town of Claymont.  They also revel in the dishes of revenge served up in unexpected and highly satisfying ways. The paperback includes a sneak peek at what’s coming next for Tammy, Danny, their friends and a few more enemies.

A portion of profits from the book sales will be donated to The Julian Center.  The nonprofit assists victims of domestic violence in Central Indiana.  “Retribution” is available in print and e-book editions on Early reviews include lines like “Great summer read!” “A real-page turner” and “Couldn’t put it down.”

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