Caregivers and Parents Linked

An Indiana mom created Lullaby Sitters to solve problems that parents and caregivers in Indianapolis face every day.   The homegrown Indiana company takes a unique approach to helping parents find babysitters and college students who are caregivers find flexible, rewarding careers that fit their schedules.

How Lullaby Sitters Helps Parents

Parents struggle with a problem every day – how to find a caregiver they trust to watch their children.  Parents frequently complain that the teenagers down the street just don’t have the time to babysit or don’t need the money.  As a result, mom and dad stay home if a relative can’t watch the kids and become increasingly burned out and tired.   It’s time to invest in yourself and your relationship!

Lullaby connects parents with qualified babysitters through the website and unique “speed sitting” events.  Think speed dating to try to find a sitter.

What Caregivers Gain

Lullaby Sitters helps connect caregivers with a vast pool of parents looking for either occasional sitters or full-time care.   No more creepy feeling of going to a house to sit for a family you know nothing about.   Sitters have the chance to meet the families at speed sitting events to see if there is a fit.

You can decide exactly how much you want to work and how much you want to earn.  The negotiations are between you and the families you choose to babysit for.   Sitters also can work around their other commitments, like college.

I’m intrigued!

Lullaby Sitters will have its next speed sitting event in about a month for parent members and caregivers.  Visit the website to find out more about the company.

Kate Shepherd Communications is thrilled Lullaby Sitters and its Founder Marie Maher are new clients! Parents, what troubles do you have finding sitters?